Improve Quality of Hire
View candidate digital profiles to get an understanding of their interests and aspirations based on interaction history and social scores.
Improve match to your requirements
Compare candidates with digital traits such as Credibility, Knowledge Seeker, Team Worker, Likability, Problem Solver and Proactiveness.
Reduce recruitment costs and time
Reduce efforts to shortlist and screen candidates by using Wiksate’s proprietary trait definition methodology and have high ROI.
Beat the Campus Recruitment queue
Create shortlists and engage with prospects. No need for expensive campus drives. View student profiles prior to placement season.
Locate and Hire Talent from your desktop
Shortlist and compare candidates based on various filters like geography, subjects, interest areas etc.
Earn Reputation & Improve Branding
Get recognized as a company which uses latest recruitment techniques and innovative digital tools. Build a strong social presence.
Wiksate offers a wide suite of products and solutions according to your requirements.

Wiksate Education

Seek. Record. Connect. Learn

College administrators and faculty are increasingly challenged to engage students and drive learning outcomes. These have a direct impact on institute accreditations, student employability and placements. Wiksate Education is our flagship offering to address this for institutions.
Setup Program and Course Outcomes
Create learning groups
Invite students, peers, faculty, experts and alumni
Ask a question, Share something interesting discuss and curate
Real time engagement through push based notifications
Quizzes and Assignments with real time result publication
Informal learning credit points and individual student profiles
Institute learning trends and analytics
Secure. Dedicated. On Cloud.


Making Learning Count

Online learning and interactions give us unprecedented visualisations of the learner and the learning process like never before. Wiklytics is our proprietary analytical engine that provides extensive insights and reports for educational institutions and corporates to analyse, adapt and improve on a continuous basis.
Real time dashboards for all levels of the organisations
Measurement indicators for learning efficiency and outcomes
Knowledge creation and retention meters
Individual measurement and profiling
Interaction engine to measure digital learning traits
Performance and talent Management measures
Integration to other analytics engines

Wiksate for Individuals

Learning on the go

We are increasingly becoming informal learners. We learn through interactions, experiences and wading through numerous links and content on the Internet. WikGlo provides a platform for us to connect and learn from others, share our experiences and picks from the Internet, increase our knowledge network and visibility to add a unique dimension to your profile.
Join or Create Learning groups
Ask questions, share something interesting
Interact, Curate and build Knowledge
Connect with experts and others
View and publish your “Informal learning Page” for jobs


Bringing Life to Learning

Learning can be significantly enhanced by enriching learner engagement with learning objects. WiksateAR(augmented reality) provides educational institutions and corporates the ability to build engaging content and experiences.


Library to the Students

Our innovative solution to empower Librarians, WikLiTS takes a selection of the huge resources available in Libraries to Students mobile devices depending on their interests and aspirations. With the dwindling usage of library resources, WikLiTS provides a technology vehicle for increasing usage, engagement and thereby return on investments in Library resources.
Create a cloud based media server library
Create Micro-learns from resources (online and book)
Target and share with student groups and populations
Engage with faculty and community to build knowledge based on shared content
Facilitate mediation and curation through the WikLiTS platform
Extract engagement analytics for ROI, accreditation purposes


Learning championed

Our specialised consulting arm provides a dedicated “partner to success” service on technology implementations. Our team of champions work closely with you and your team to ensure Wiksate implementation is successful and deliver the value you anticipate from our suite of products.
Implementation Services
Change Management
Sessions on “informal learning practices”
Key success factors mapping and tracking
Technology advise on integration
Custom Reporting Design
Technology stack review


The 4th Dimension

Our pioneering offering in Recruitment, presents a dimension for candidates never seen before. We call it the 4th dimension (the other three are Curricular, Extra-curricular and third party assessments-psychometric, aptitude etc.).
Search for colleges
Filter based on digital learning traits (Problem solver, team worker, likability, knowledge seeker, pro activeness)
Shortlist Candidates
Maintain target lists


Create a Learning Organisation

Research indicates that almost 90% of organisational learning is through informal means. We interact within the organisation and have experiences that provide us with a lot of contextual learning. Wiksate Corporate provides a platform to harness this informal learning in constructive ways. It helps organisations capture, measure, analyse and make informal learning visible.
Setup capability targets and outcomes
Create learning groups
Invite individuals and teams to contribute and share
Ask a question, Share something interesting discuss and curate
Real time engagement through push based notifications
Formal learning support through Quizzes and Assignments with real time result publication
Informal learning currency credits and staff and department profiles
Organisation learning trends and analytics
Secure. Dedicated. On Cloud.
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