Why bother?

Formal learning is characterised by structured and scheduled delivery of content. However, we learn so much on the go, that most of the learnings and experiences are lost. It is now recognized that 70% of learning is experiential, 20% through relationships and 10% via formal education.
Wiksate’s solutions integrate these three
aspects with its 360° value proposition model.

Our Target Clientele

Wiksate offers a wide suite of products and services as per client needs.

Wiksate For Educational Institutions

Build Knowledge Networks, Improve Learning Outcomes and Employability.
Wiksate helps you create formal, social and experiential learning footprints, disseminate knowledge and increase employability of your students. Wiksate provides a suite of tools where students can record, share and showcase their learning, connect and interact with alumni and industry experts. Wiksate makes learning at your institution intelligent.

Wiksate for Corporates

Build Capabilities, Capture Knowledge and Manage Talent.
Wiksate helps organisations engage its employees in knowledge interactions to capture formal and informal (social and experiential) learnings. Organisations can track employee performance and identify talent through Wiksate's insightful dashboards. Our rich analytics provides for objective measure of knowledge capital and return on training investments. Wiksate delivers competitive advantage through intelligent learning.

Wiksate for Recruiters

Digital Trait Dimensioning to Locate and Hire talent.
The recruitment world is changing. 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. Wiksate provides an unique recruitment gateway that provides recruiters, exclusive access to candidate digital traits (We call it the 4th dimension) and learning to make their shortlisting and hiring decisions smarter and faster.

Wiksate for Learners

Store your digital learning journey. Earn Wikcoins and Badges. Become visible and employable.
We are learning increasingly through informal means. We learn through our access to internet content, social media and networks, real life experiences and day to day interactions. Wiksate provides a suite of tools for you to create, store and share your informal learnings. You can interact on Wiksate by creating, sharing, commenting on yours and others’ learnings. Wiksate dynamically builds a "digital profile" with badges and Wikcoins (our unique learning currency) that can be showcased to potential Corporates and recruitment sites.

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