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Value Proposition

Improve Learning Outcomes

Define class learning & development outcomes. Create learning groups. Share experiences and learning across cohorts. Monitor & track student's progress and identify focus areas.

Improve Employability of Graduates

Showcase skills of the students to the prospective employers. Allow students to interact with the job market, identify possible mentors and networking opportunities.

Alumni Interaction

Engage alumni through interaction. Share latest knowledge trends with alumni. Capture on the job experiences of the alumni and incorporate the same in curriculum. Allow students to learn from experienced alumni.

Build Knowledge Banks

Create a repository of knowledge created out of student interactions, alumni interactions, research and in-class discussions. Opportunity to commercialize knowledge bank through interactive platform. Leverage, grow & monetize your knowledge bank.

Capability building

Define organisational capability goals and learning outcomes. Create learning groups. Share experiences and learning across hierarchies. Monitor and track organisational capability with respect to training investments.

Return on Training Investments

Link training investments to organisational capability requirements and desired leaming outcomes. Set Social Learning thresholds for employee participation. Invite and motivate employee participation. Track and monitor learning to skills to execution.

Build Human Capital

Understand employee learning patterns. Map organisational capability building to employee interests and aspirations. Increase competency, knowledge and economic value of employees.

Build Knowledge Capital

Create a repository of employee learning interactions. Retain and build on learning footprints even after employee departure. Build a teaming culture that leads to co-creation, ideation and innovation.

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About Wiksate

Wiksate is the next generation Social Learning Platform that captures, analyses and credits informal and experiential learning of students/employees. Wiksate uses technology innovatively to facilitate engagement and collaboration between students/employees and build intelligent learning institutions/organisations.

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